Friday, July 3, 2009

Showers all around!

Someone is either getting married or having babies!! A couple weeks ago was my friends Jenna's bridal shower, and last week my mom and I gave my sister-in-law a baby shower! Phew!haha I love when all my friends are together!!! And the baby shower was so much fun...all my family was up and Don, my brother, and rest of the family went to the Brew Fest!

Summer 2009!

It's been busy so far and is just going to get better! My mom graduated nursing school and I'm very proud of her! Don went on a guys trip to Mexico and brought home lots of tuna, yellow tail, and...some others I don't remember! haha Since I am a huge sushi lover that was awesome for me!! We have a friend whose girlfriend lives in Japan so we went over to his house and she taught me how to make it. It was so fun! I have to admit I'm a natural at the sushi rolls! Sooooo yummy!!! Don took those pics of the dolphins! I love those pics!

A little catching up!

Well, it's been a while lots of stuff going on! I am still working on my BSN so this summer has been all about school!! I have been going four days a week from 9:30am to 6:00 monday thru thursday! Yes...crazy I know! That doesn't include my online classes and does include microbiology!!! Yuck!! I have no life!! Other than school there is work! haha Don has been busy with work but has had a little more time for recreation! I'm jealous!! haha

Monday, March 30, 2009

Cold season...grrrrr!

Well, after years of not having a cold I finally got one! I woke up with no air coming out of my nose and....(well this is a little brutal but being a nurse this is normal talk and all you moms should have no problem with this either)...well let's just say yucky stuff around my nose! haha Oh yeah don't forget the throbbing pain in my sinuses either! I'm sure I looked super sexy for my husband this morning! haha I guess it's vit C and zinc for me! I forgot how draining they are. I feel blah!!!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009 Don comes!!!

Don and a few of his friends are going to Mexico in June for a week long fishing trip! They are going to be catching things like tuna and yellow tail. I'm so excited of course for sushi!!! I can live on sushi! Don on the other hand hates even the thought of sushi, but will enjoy it cooked! haha I'm very excited for him! It's a much deserved vacation!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Birthday March Madness!

I kind of had a birthday weekend. On saturday we went out with some friends and family, and on sunday the whole family. It was so much fun!!! I couldn't ask for better friends and family. We went to a few places but one of the places we went to was a country bar in the Grand Sierra Resort. My friend Jenna and I were the only ones who went out and cut a rug! I did pretty good(cause I'm normally not a line dancer! ha), but in my defense she used to work there as a mustang girl(thats what the place is called! haha) doing all those dances. Don saw one of his friends that he used to hang out with when he lived in Tohnapah(I know I just butched that!) so that was really exciting for him! Good times...good times!

Blissful life!

Life is tasty sweet. I feel so blessed in my life to be happy and independent. To be able to work hard and play hard. I owe a lot to the fact that Don wants me to do whatever makes me happy even if if doesn't really make sense. If it means going away for the weekend with my girlfriends, staying at home by myself reading my biographies with a glass of wine, taking ballroom dancing lessons, taking cool classes that has nothing to do with my degree(and overwhelming me...haha), painting everyroom in my house a different color, or wanting nothing but his attention for the whole weekend...he is very understanding. He's a big believer in doing what makes you happy. That simple. We should all live by that! I'm very happy that I am young, healthy, a hard worker(that plays even harder), intelligent(or I think so!!haha) that I have such a great life!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Go get a massage!

I just love massages! haha I started getting them after my car accident last year and I'm officially a massage addict! I get a one at least a couple times a month and will not give it up! There are so many positive aspects of it: relieves stress, relieves tension, circulates blood, good for pain and accidents, many more! Just thought I should advocate it! haha EVERYONE GET A MASSAGE! PAMPER YOURSELF! IT WILL MAKE YOUR LIFE BETTER!!!!

Thank you spring!

Well, spring is here and we are getting ready to start our garden up again! Yay!!! Nothing like tomatoes from the garden!
Also, we are going to be putting a yard in soon since our house has no yard and just dirt! We are going to a beautiful lawn, patio, and lovely flowers. Any ideas on what flowers we should plant?
I can't wait for it to be all done so we can enjoy summer BBQs with friends and family and hanging out there in the beautiful weather!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Superbowl festivites

We spent superbowl over at Matt and Josie's place. Karen, Seanna, Robert, and Nicole came up as well! Great visit! Nicole is getting so big!